Friday, June 1, 2007

est friend’ could never be truer.

Labradors are highly intelligent creatures, who love to play (especially in water due to their backgrounds in the fishing industry), and are easily trained from a young age, which is why so many are used as guide dogs and sniffer dogs. House training is relatively straightforward, and the dogs can be taught where to go to the toilet, and the general ‘house rules’ from a very young age. Elder dogs can also be trained, although it is advisable to do so when they are puppies to ensure best results. Due to their characteristics, Labradors often make superb family pets, and are very child-friendly. As with humans, they crave attention, and very much need to feel loved, and part of the family environment. They are relatively quiet, yet hugely enthusiastic and can provide the family with hours of quality entertainment. They are non-aggressive, kind and eager to please; they certainly aren’t dull, and their boundless energy means they will play for hours on end without getting bored or disinterested. Labradors most certainly are a breed where the phrase ‘man’s best friend’ could never be truer.

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