Friday, June 1, 2007

another household pet.

Anyhow, after about a month of calling me 'Lucky' I noticed the dimensions of our relationship were changing. Not only between myself and my future wife but between myself and the dog.

Every time my wife called out the name 'Lucky' I would come running. And the dog would look at me strangely. Almost as if the dog was wondering - what in the heck is a human doing with a dog name?

Not only that but I could have sworn that the dog was sneering and laughing at me. Soon the dog stopped obeying me and began treating me indifferently like I wasn't its master but just another household pet.

It was around this time that I noticed I really enjoyed having me ears scratched by my wife. I would cuddle up with her on the sofa and put my head in her lap and she would gently scratch the backs of my ears.

Then one day we were out taking a walk and we decided to cut through a park. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a squirrel near a tree and for some uncontrollable reason I took off and started chasing it.

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