Friday, June 1, 2007

quirky lady but I love her.

When I first started seeing my wife she had a dog with the exact same name as me which is Ralph. (Why people give dog's people names I'm not sure?) When ever she called out our name we would both come running. It caused a lot of confusion. She decided to clear up this confusion by renaming one of us and it was me she renamed. She decided to call me 'Lucky'.

The first time I met my wife was in a casino in Atlantic City. I sat down beside her at a Black Jack table and the moment I sat down she started winning big. From that point on she considered me lucky for her and her pet name for me became 'Lucky'.

The only problem with that is that the name 'Lucky' is more of a dog name than a person name. I thought she should have renamed the dog and called him 'Lucky' and let me keep my real name. But, she didn't see it that way. She's a quirky lady but I love her.

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