Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The next step is to upholster

The first thing you need to do is decide the table that you will be placing your table top on when you play poker. You need to measure and cut both sheets of plywood to the size of that table’s top. This should give you 2 identical pieces of plywood that also match the size and shape of the table that will be supporting your finished product. Once this is done you need to cut a 4.5” ring off of one piece and a 2” ring off of the other piece of plywood. These two rings of wood will later form the padded rail.

The next step is to upholster the playing surface. To do this all you need to do is fix the sheet of ¼” foam to the smaller of your 2 pieces of plywood, cut off the excess, and add felt. Once the foam is trimmed down to size just lay the wood (foam side down) on top of the felt and staple it around the edges after pulling it tight. You may want to have a friend help out with this part to make sure that you get the felt tight on the surface of the table.

The place where most people struggle with this project is when they are trying to build and upholster the padded rail. To start you need to place the 2” ring of wood on top of the 4.5” ring and screw them together. Then you will use the 1” sheet of foam to cover the rail but don’t cut off all of the excess like you did with the playing surface. You want to leave enough foam on the inside and outside of the rail so that it can wrap around and pad the sides of the railing as well as the top.

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